Stemtest 2014

Building further on our experience at 'Doe de stemtest', the first and most well known voting advice application in Flanders, also a voting advice application was created for the elections of 2014. Because of the concurrency of 3 elections at the same time, an application was made for the Flemish, Brussels, federal an European elections. Also for the first time a voting advice application was developed for the French speaking part of Belgium.
Tree company was responsible for the content, functional design and project management in close co-operation with academic partners. After a week more than 1,000,000 tests were done.

Commissioned by:
VRT, De Standaard, La Libre Belgique, La Dernière Heure en RTBf
In association with:
Universiteit Antwerpen (Stefaan Walgrave), UCL (Benoît Rihoux), Wieni
The project:
Stemtest 2014 - Test Electoral 2014